Photography & Multi-media Portfolio

Corey (Cori) Glover is an aspiring multimedia specialist with the long-term career goal of telling vivid, memorable stories through her projects. She is primarily driven by her morals, and strongly believes it's important to platform her work in ways that positively impact her clients and their communities. Her skill-set is highly broad and continues to grow overtime. Currently, she has accumulated over 10 years of experience across multiple fields of media, including photography, videography, music, and much more!  
This website serves as a portfolio for employment and networking purposes. For any questions, concerns, or other general inquiries about her work, please contact her with one of the following methods listed below, thank you for visiting!

Over 90% of my portfolio showcases skills that have been self-acquired through independent projects. These projects could not be possible without the generosity and help of friends, family members, and other professional acquaintances. The works produced through these projects have been labeled with the "PUBLIC WORKS" title to distinguish it from other categories.
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